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    High Fashion International Group

    Our Journey of Glory and Dreams

    Over the past few decades, High Fashion has faced countless challenges.
    We have seized opportunities amidst uncertainties and remained flexible to adapt to changes. 

    From a company in Hong Kong to a listed corporation with diversified business operating in different continents,
    it was not an easy journey but here we are.

    With our commitment and hard work, combining sustainability and innovation,
    High Fashion strives to present top-notch products and services and create a fashion ecosystem for everyone.


    Mr. Lam Foo Wah founded the High Fashion International Group in Hong Kong


    Installation of the first Jacquard loom


    Set up of  Gongming  High Fashion Garment factory production of woven garments
    Set up of printing and dyeing factories in Zhongshan, China,rolled out silk printing and dyeing productions


    Launched brand retailing business
    Creation of the famous brand “Theme”. Since then started providing modern fast fashion styles for working women. Over 40 dedicated counters and stores in shopping malls in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and India, and other markets
    Theme was the top brand of choice for professional womenswear.



    Founded fashionable brand August Silk; provided elegant and sophisticated apparel for the professional career women. The brand has opened more than 2,000 stores in Europe and the United States and has consistently been named as a top retail brand in the United States. August Silk has become the world’s best-selling brand for women’s silk clothing.



    Listing of The High Fashion International Group on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 608), trading as HIGH FASHION INTERNATIONAL LIMITED and officially began developing large-scale expansion strategies for domestic and international business.



    The Group increased its footprints in the UK, Europe and the US markets.


    The Group’s China subsidiaries were established in that year. Amongst were, Zhejiang Xinchang High Fashion Silk Co., Ltd. as a production base for silk fabric; Hangzhou Aogesi Clothing Co., Ltd. to expand the company’s woven silk garment production, and Hangzhou High Fashion Knitting, Ltd. to expand the company’s knitting production capacities. The High Fashion Charity Fund is also founded in the same year. And for the years to come, creating a fund to fund poverty alleviation campaigns and charitable donations.






    Daliwei Fashion Co., Ltd. (now Dalisheng Fashion Co., Ltd.) established for the production of woven garments together with the expansion of factory facilities in Dongguan, China.



    Famous fashion brand CSLR was established to provide fashionable, trendy, comfortable and high-end fashion for urban women. Till now, the brand boasts more than 100 sales outlets, with exclusive shopping counters set up in many shopping malls in China as well as fancy flagship stores opened in Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, and other regions.



    High Fashion International Group celebrates its 20th Anniversary.



    High Fashion’s School of Hope was completed and officially inaugurated.



    The company purchases three banks, now part of the Gloryshine Group, to expand its clothing retail business.


    Aokangde Knitting is also purchased this year, further expanding the production of silk knitwear.



    Acquired High Fashion International Centre in Kwai Chung, New Territories to serve as headquarters building for the Hong Kong office.


    Established Hangzhou Dalimei Apparel Co., Ltd., further expanding the scale of production of woven silk garments. 


    In the same year the company also acquired the printing production base of Hangzhou Kaidi Co., Ltd., thus moving the printing and dyeing processes north from Zhongshan and to integrate entire.



    The cornerstone was laid at the Xinchang High Fashion Technology and Industrial Park.



    Official set up of the Group’s office in Italy; further expanding High Fashion’s markets in Europe.


    After consolidation and integration, the Group’s China headquarters were officially known as “High Fashion (China) Co., Ltd.”.



    The Gloryshine Center is purchased in Shenzhen as the Gloryshine Group’s headquarters.


    On April 20th of this year, High Fashion’s “Women’s Silk Clothing Production Base” is formally launched and a groundbreaking ceremony is held.


    On August 18 of the same year, an R&D center for the development of new products is established jointly with Zhejiang University of Science and Technology.



    The Group officially inaugurated the “Women’s Silk Apparel Production Base,” in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou China.


    The then-chairman of the Fédération Fran?aise de la Couture, Mr Didier Grumbach, visited High Fashion International Group’s China headquarters



    The Group introduced a system of advanced Italian industrial processes and finishings for printing and dyeing silk, together with a team of Italian technical experts to process new textiles on location in the China Headquarters. This had greatly enhanced the company's printing and dyeing processing capabilities, from “High Fashion Manufacturing” to “High Fashion Creation”.


    The Hangzhou Quality of Life Review Conference was held on 31st of May at High Fashion International’s China headquarters. At the same time, High Fashion (China) Xiaoshan Industrial Park was awarded one of the Hangzhou Quality of Life Regional Awards for that year.


    High Fashion International Group celebrated its 30th Anniversary that year on a high note.



    Chairman the Standing Committee of the 10th National People’s Congress Mr Wu Bangguo arrived at the Group’s China Headquarters for an official.


    Mr Shen Jian, a member of the Standing Committee of the Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Mayor of the city, presented a plague stating “The World’s Silk Looks to China, China’s Silk Market Looks to Hangzhou, Hangzhou’s Silk Looks to High Fashion.”


    Another plague which reads “Pearl of Silk Womenswear, and an Outstanding Representative of Industrial Transformation and Upgrading” was received from Mr Hong Hangyong, a Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and the Xiaoshan District Party Committee.


    The High Fashion Women's College was established in cooperation with Hangzhou Vocational and Technical College, providing an integrated production, education, and research service platform.



    High Fashion Women's College offered classes in “Fashion Retailing and Management”. The aim was to meet the Group’s long-term strategic needs for talent and to cultivate talents whom can create value for the fashion retail industry.


    The brands August Silk, Theme, CSLR and August Silk Men, participated in the 18th China International Apparel Expo, with their classic works for the international event and were rewarded with excellent business opportunities.


    The brand for high-end womenswear - Axelledesoie was founded in the same year.



    The Group carried out the four-in-one automation, scientisation, intelligence and informatisation to provide a solid basis for High Fashion’s innovation platform.



    The Group is always an advocate of the GREEN environment and implements strategic concepts of “green R&D, green manufacturing, green operations, and green products”, building energy-saving and environmentally-friendly production systems such as waste water recycle systems, photovoltaic systems, air-cooled air conditioning systems, and replacement of environmentally harmful equipment. The Group’s China operations have been moving towrads modern, sustainable eco-enterprise compliant with management systems such as IEUMS, Six Sigma, amongst others.



    Official fabric supplier for the ‘New Chinese’ official wear in the 2014 APEC Summit. We showcased our exquisite silk on the World’s stage.


    The Lifestyle Silk brand Susan Carlington was established in the same year. The brand keeps its image on the development, design, and retail of silk scarves, home textiles, and silk gifts.


    In the same year, the Group saw the birth of another brand CB which focusses on high-end womenswear in silk, with the exclusive development of “silk denim”, and silk jeans as the brand’s major product line in ready-to-wears, altering the stereotype of the look and feel of traditional jeans.



    With High Fashion International Group’s strong industry foundation and extensive industry experience, the Group expands to providing derivative services for the silk industry. The existing industrial park was rebranded WL DISTRICT and transformed to an ecosystem model business park, with its theme and focus on ‘Innovation and Creativity.’ This year also saw the official launch of an e-commerce platform The.Me Showroom, based on the Group’s women’s fast fashion brand Theme. This represented the establishment of the Group’s leading B2B trade and service platform for the fashion industry.




    High Fashion International Group was invited to serve as the official designer and manufacturer of a series of China’s National Gifts for the visiting reporters and press in the G20 Summit held in Hangzhou. Susan Carlington’s “The Flower Clusters” brocade series of silk scarves were very well received by both Chinese and International guests during the G20 Summit. The products are now collected and displayed permanently at the Zhejiang Merchants’ Museum.




    High Fashion China hosted the release of “2017 Autumn and Winter Fashion Trends of Chinese Silks” at the Expo Centre of the Olympic Stadium in Hangzhou and was invited to do road shows in Dubai.



    The year saw the launch of haute couture brand Aisi. The brand was designated as the official partner in the G20 Summit held in Hangzhou, to tailor-make uniforms for the ceremony.

    IMG_0606 副本.jpg

    The WL District project was officially opened to the public.


    Silk athleisure brand Silkism was founded, spearheading the brand as first of its kind in the sportswear industry.



    To be awarded both STeP by OEKO-TEX? and MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX? certificates 


    High Fashion become a member of Hangzhou City Brand Promotion Association, helping Hangzhou build a "City of Quality of Life".

    2019 History.jpg


     Completed revitalization project of High Fashion Centre and established WL District Hong Kong

    History 2020 photo.jpg


    WL District Hangzhou selected as temporary site of a provincial-level research institute, and its Phase 2 under construction. Fashion community is also on the launch.


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